Our Part Compass™ and Part Point™ programs are the foundations of our commitment to offering only the highest quality part available. Both programs are part of our daily activity and fulfillment process. There is no added cost or need to integrate to our software.

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Uncompromised parts


The Professional Parts Group will inventory and offer ONLY the finest collision replacement products available. We will not substitute lesser quality products for any reason. We offer the most complete inventory of CAPA and NSF approved products and equivalent parts in our industry. Diamond Standard is the only brand we carry and sell for structural bumper products.


Structural Parts

Equivalent in form, material characteristics and function without compromise. Structural and safety related parts and products will never be substituted with substandard products.


Exterior Parts

Only products certified or approved to be functionally equivalent are part of the Professional Parts Group Collision Parts offering.


Lighting Products

Only products proven to meet FMVSS108 and are approved for DOT certification will be offered. Professional Parts Group quality assurance team will retain copies of documentation for all products which require Federal or DOT product standards criteria.


Cooling Products

Equivalent material content and performance characteristics are the baseline consideration.