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Uncompromised PEOPLE


The Professional Parts Group believes customer service should be PERSONAL SERVICE and we are committed to bringing you, our customer, professional and personal service EVERY DAY!


Individual Customer Service Profile

The Professional Parts Group service model allows for individual service profiles for each customer dependent on their specific needs, their workflow requirements and location receiving hours. We see the opportunity to provide a superior level of service based on the exact needs of our customer, instead of forcing adoption based on set delivery routes or schedules. Our customer centered service design allows our local service people to be directly involved with customer needs and requests.


Our Pricing Philosophy

Much like our ability to tailor a service program to the customer, we will work with your team to help you meet your financial objectives. Our pricing formula is developed internally with close attention to competition on a local and national level. 

Pro•Active™ Customer Service Standards

Customer First Attitude

Live Person Answers Every Phone Call

Part Integrity Inspection on Every Part Delivered

Part Tracking & Traceability on EVERY PART SOLD

Only Highest Quality Product Offered...CAPA, NSF & Diamond Standard

Customer Specific Service Profile

Problem Free Returns

Same Day Credits

Accurate Ordering Taking, Processing & Delivery

Same Day & Next Day Delivery

Communications on Order & Delivery Questions

Lifetime Warranty

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